• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl

Thomas Feuerstein


Biophily (a made-up word from biophilia / love of life, biology and philosophy) is dedicated to the research of an inverse concept of nature and mirrored image of man and deals with obsessions of a techno-culture that hypertrophize and pervert the „love of life“. The doublings of space and body through internet geography and biotechnology as well as their cultural and social interdependencies form the interest of the projects realized within the framework of Biophily by Thomas Feuerstein.

A ping signal (1) circles between five servers at the locations Los Angeles, Windhoek, Dar es Salaam, Mumbai and Bishkek, requiring different time spans to bridge the spatial distances, depending on the expansion and condition of the networks and lines. The measured time intervals required by the signal from one server to the next are correlated with the real geographic spatial distances and transferred to a world map by a Java applet. The result is a metric distortion of the map in real time, which is updated after each revolution of the ping signal.
The registration of geological, political, or economic conditions in world maps has always been part of mappings, which, as locational and ordering models of space and power relations, have also always been a drawing board of history and world politics. As such models, world maps continue to store and link world data into world views to this day, and in this sense fulfill multiple functions ranging from recording to „utopometric“ design. The maps reflect the process of advancing globalization, which today, in the form of telematic mediatization and technical acceleration, subjects space and time relations to a reordering. The structural knowledge of relationships, power relations, and connections becomes more decisive than that of actual distances, whereby the interest in geographical locations replaces the interest in dynamics, transformations, and interactions.

A conventional Mercator projection of the Earth was chosen as the starting map for the Biophily Warp Map. Comparable to the Mercator projection, where straight paths on the map correspond to curved routes or detours in real geography, the Warp Map introduces "Internet-metric" distortions due to differently developed lines and server structures, which in turn reveal political, technical and economic conditions.


Year 2002
silkscreen on adhesive film
Size 90 x 120 cm
of 90
Authenticity certificate
Packaging cardboard roll
Exhibitions 2017 EDITIONS Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna
2018 SPECIAL ART SHOP Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna

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