• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / WEST.Fotostudio
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / WEST.Fotostudio

Julia Haugeneder

Faltung 217

 Julia Haugeneder (*1987), develops her objects in the process of working, in constant „response relationship“ with the material and its external conditions. She is interested in exploring and exhausting the possibilities of the material and in the same way examining the content of what we call „object“.
Haugeneder works without sketches or preliminary drawings. She pours out a coloured mass of bookbinding glue and pigment on the floor of her studio, which, dried as a thin rubbery skin, forms the material of her works. Depending on the specifics of the surface obtained, the decision of the first folding is made, which in turn influences the further ones. In this way, Haugeneder folds three-dimensional objects out of a thin layer. Her folds (Faltung) are equally reminiscent of everyday objects as they are associative of new things.
„And because my perception is usually ignited by relationships and not individual phenomena, I produce groups.“ (Julia Haugeneder)

Year 2020
bookbinding glue, pigment, bubble wrap
Size 38 x 28 x 17 cm
unique piece
Authenticity certificate

2020 Julia Haugeneder. Idylle, blau, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Innsbruck
2022 Parallel Editions Vienna 

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