• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / kunst-dokumentation.com
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / kunst-dokumentation.com

Gunter Damisch


Gunter Damisch’s very personal pictorial cosmos is characterised by a leitmotif, the pronounced interference between the large and the small, the macrocosmic and the microcosmic. The latent proximity to organic natural forms, amoeba-like, unicellular living beings characterise his motif. They show tentacle-like spreading feelers, to crystalline growth forms as well as to galactic, energetic agglomerations, a reference to the starry sky with its black holes and its vibrating star nebulae.


Year 2014
ink on paper, framed
Size 30.5 x 21.5 cm, 42.8 x 32.8 cm
unique piece
Authenticity signed and dated on the front, lower right corner
Exhibitions 2019 Gunter Damisch. Werke 1981–2015, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Innsbruck

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