• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl

Herbert Brandl


Produced by Herbert Brandl for his exhibition „Vulkan, Khyber & Katana“ at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Innsbruck (02.03.–22.06.2013).

The show presented the latest, landscape-format paintings by the artist alongside artful Asian swords from his own collection. The latter also gave the exhibition its title.
The famous Japanese long sword katana shows on its sides a delicate, almost poetic surface structure that stands in stark contrast to the actual purpose of the weapon. These optical impressions have inspired Herbert Brandl to his artistic expeditions. It is not the mountains of this world that have animated him. It is the hada, the blade of those long swords, and its colourful reflections, from which Brandl creates new horizons. The latter evade physical perception and fascinate for being non-places. Only through being observed, the „landscapes“ acquire a real-life dimension, which however at all times remains illusionary.

Year 2013
oil on 640g Lana handmade paper
Size 18 x 29.7 cm
7th piece of a series of 30 unique monotypes
Authenticity signed and dated with pencil on the front

A monotype is the product of a single printing process, in which the finale image carrier is pressed onto painted glass and then peeled off.

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