• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / WEST.Fotostudio
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / WEST.Fotostudio

Johannes Kofler

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In his pictorial worlds, Johannes Kofler repeatedly makes the noble attempt to explain the world and uses everything that arouses his visual emotional interest. Banal and everyday situations, absurd moments, landscapes, still lifes, nudes, historical iconography, the experienced and the invented.
For the artist painting is about the view of things and its transfer to the canvas, without imposing the end on the viewer, inviting him/her to create his/her own world and to find his/her own answers to questions that we ask ourselves collectively.
In this attempt, the failure, the slipping into the sidelines, the mistakes but also the successes and the being right play a big role. Devoting oneself romantically and clumsily to life is reflected in Kofler‘s painting. It is about allowing oneself to be in the flow, to celebrate the beauty of life, including its ups and downs. To process pain in beauty and vice versa.
Johannes Kofler works mainly with oil on canvas. The painting begins with the first layer of primer. Composition and what is to be depicted emerge very quickly in the first layer of paint, without a preliminary sketch. The work is done in the mind, chance is welcome. The rest of the composition of colours and surfaces develops over a longer period of time, in many layers until completion. Painted from front to back, an almost ordinary spatiality emerges. A representational painting which defines itself on the border to the abstract.

Year 2019
oil on canvas
Size 60 x 45 cm
unique piece
Authenticity signed and dated on the back

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