Attraktiver Attraktor
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl

Jürgen Klauke

Attraktiver Attraktor

„In the groups Ästhetische Paranoia, Experimentelle Neurose, Attraktiver Attraktor, or Reiz Reaktionssystem […], the performatively staged photographs show the artist as a representative of the ego thrown into the world, which then finds itself once again in zones of the inexpressible and the inexplicable, inviting the viewer to step into these spaces of premonition. In his fascinating photographs, the artist organizes and stages lucid pictorial spaces in which he is himself absorbed and dissolved by space, or else finds himself replicated.“
(Peter Weibel, „Preface“, in: Toni Stooss, Peter Weibel (eds.), Jürgen Klauke – Ästhetische Paranoia, exh. cat. Karlsruhe: ZKM Museum für Neue Kunst, Salzburg: Museum der Moderne, Hatje Cantz: Ostfildern 2010, 8)

Year 2006–2010
lambda print
Size 50 x 60 cm
30 + 5 AP
Authenticity signed, dated and numbered on the back
Info The edition was produced in collaboration with EIKON — Internationale Zeitschrift für Photographie und Medienkunst.
The buyer will receive the next available edition number.
Exhibitions 2017 EDITIONS Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna
2018 SPECIAL ART SHOP Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna

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