• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl
  • Photo © Thomas Feuerstein
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Lena Kienzer

Thomas Feuerstein


In his exhibition ANTHRONAUT at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Vienna (13.09.2019–05.01.2020) Thomas Feuerstein assembled new graphic works on Solnhofen limestone from the Jura, which enabled the lithographic reproduction of images in great numbers in the nineteenth century. In the exhibition, the limestones themselves were functioning as the image carrier, holding the different graphics mirror-inverted.

Find more views in the exhibition ANTRONAUT here.


Year 2019
lithography on handmade paper
Size 65 x 50 cm
of 3 + 1 E.A.
Authenticity signed, dated and numbered in pencil on the back

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