• Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl
  • Photo © Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Dieter Kühl
  • Photo © Thomas Feuerstein

Thomas Feuerstein


The edition FORTUNA by Thomas Feuerstein was produced as first edition of the gallery’s project space tart.vienna, that is focused on artits’s editions.

In putting the human brain in the centre of a wheel of fortune, whose numbers are labeled with different emotions and concepts of our present age, Thomas Feuerstein underlines the accidental nature of our emotional household being triggered by various aspects of everyday life.

Incorporating the „brain of fortune“ into the system of a constantly ticking clock, the fact that our lucky moments are the quickest to pass, becomes even more obvious. Though at the same time – like the seconds, minutes and hours that are being repeated every day – their constant return is guaranteed.

Thomas Feuerstein developed the graphic in 2012 and used it first as a gigantic wallpaper for his solo exhibition CANDYLAB at Kunsthalle Krems in the same year.

Edition 01 by Thomas Feuerstein for [tart vienna]
Year 2019
wall clock
Size Ø 30 cm
Weight 1 kg
of 13 unique coloured clock faces + 5 E.A.
Authenticity signed, dated and numbered on the back

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